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Beasts of Antiquity:
Stem-Birds In the Solnhofen Limestone

BEASTS OF ANTIQUITY: STEM-BIRDS IN THE SOLNHOFEN LIMESTONE, a new book written and illustrated by paleoartist Matthew P. Martyniuk, explores our ever-changing views about the animals of the prehistoric world - how they were related, how they looked, and how they lived.

Stem-Birds In the Solnhofen Limestone details the fossil bird-line archosaur species known the Solnhofen Archipelago of Bavaria. From their history of princes, duchesses, and conquering armies, to the diversity of these spectacularly preserved fossils, Stem-Birds In the Solnhofen Limestone brings the world of these ancient creatures to life. Featuring full-color illustrations of each species as well as photographs and historical reproductions, Stem-Birds In the Solnhofen Limestone offers a complete summary of the history, geology, and state-of-the-art paleontology of the bird lineage in one spectacular Jurassic ecosystem.

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